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Why you need Leadcamp

You just lost a major deal...

To win in today's environment, modern sellers track purchasing signals from prospects to remove guesswork and win more deals with less effort.

Here's how we change the lives of sellers

"No other tool does what Leadcamp does. This is sick. This whole prospect management part is such a big pain with BDR teams.... you hit the nail on the head."

Former Outreach user

"I haven't seen this level of usability, level of data or the looks with any tool I've used. We had to build our own flows, because most tools are pretty bad at this."

Former Salesloft user

"We were embedding content on our website but no sales rep in our organization had visibility into the actual interest of prospects. This was very costly because each rep had to do full discovery."

Former Hubspot user

"We use Leadcamp every day and it has literally changed our daily operations. We now get timely nudges, can automate based on intent, and never worry about anything falling through the cracks."

Former Lemlist user

Drive your revenue by winning more deals.

Most traditional sales organizations lose deals because of not following up with prospects the right way. Their prospects fall through the cracks, stall their decisions to buy or are being treated equally important.

The right platform:

Gives sellers true visibility into the buying intent of their prospects and their deals.

Automates recurring and low value tasks so they can focus on what really matters.

Proves real-time guidance to take actions that move things forward and remove guesswork.

Don't just take our word for it, trust our customers

Many customers told us their sales teams get better at following up with the right prospects, know where to put their focus, and create a more personalized experience. Here's what lots of others experienced:

"Our whole sales flow process has been put together with the help of the Leadcamp platform. Following up on existing clients and on new prospects has never been so easy."
"If you want to be able to track content sharing, have insights on how effective your emails are as well prompt on which hot leads to follow up on; Leadcamp fits the bill perfectly."
"The score is much more insightful than other tools (and seems so much more accurate!)"
"The gmail plugin makes it so easy to create prospects directly from gmail, which simplifies the process for the teams so well."
"Leadcamp is ridiculously easy to deploy (it took about 20 mins!) and just as easy to use. The team at Leadcamp provide great onboarding but in honesty it is so easy to use."
"Really easy to set up and use. I like the auto Heat Score and the Gmail extension which makes it easy to use."
"What I like about Leadcamp is it comes closer to tying the entire lifecycle together. The product has a very solid foundation and provides a valuable service."
"I have a great CRM already so I didn't think that I needed Leadcamp. I realize that that it is waaay more then your CRM or email tracker. Leadcamp is a great buy if you are managing prospects on a daily basis and want more control and insight."
"Leadcamp is pretty powerful. I have not even scratched the surface but already, I find it immensely valuable."