What is Touchpoint Intelligence?

Touchpoint Intelligence helps reps understand the mountain of prospect interaction data without losing time.

The Fastest Way to Personalized Selling

A Touchpoint Intelligence platform combines the data from all interactions with prospects (email, sales collateral, meetings, website visits,..) and converts it into robust real-time lead profiles.

Using AI, a Touchpoint Intelligence platform acts as an external brain to analyze all interactions so sales reps can deliver the right experience, anywhere, anytime, without having to monitor dozens of platforms themselves.

Leadcamp's Touchpoint Intelligence Platform

Why Touchpoint Intelligence?

Modern salespeople rely on a tool for everything: tracking emails, sharing content, recording meetings,... and want no stone to be left unturned.

However, after talking to hundreds of sales professionals we found that while collecting data is a good start, sales reps end up looking for clarity between obscure data and channels. Unfortunately, most of the available data is very high level, not actionable and intended for use by management.

Providing key intelligence about leads right to every reps' fingertips is key. It increases their effectiveness and leaves more time to actually sell. Not only that, it also speeds up pipeline, improves the buying experience and thus affects revenue.

That's why Touchpoint Intelligence is important. It analyzes all interactions as a whole, discovers behavioral paths and returns a single satisfaction score to the rep for interpretation.

Enter Leadcamp's Touchpoint Intelligence Platform.

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