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Leadcamp's Heat Score tracks multiple interaction channels and uses machine learning to bring focus on your most engaged leads.

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Leadcamp removes friction from your typical sales process by eliminating manual analysis

Pin down key engagement with the highest accuracy

Instantly see what leads are interested in without biased self-opens or self-clicks

Close deals faster by leveraging what you know

Sellers immediately understand what the score means and how it impacts their deals

In-depth scoring of multiple channels

Opens, clicks and reply rates aren't enough anymore. There are a lot of other things happening out of sight. What if leads are replying they're not interested only to see they got stuck on the pricing page? The Heat Score gives you a meaningful measurement you can rely on.

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Buying signals made instantly visible

When a new person is brought into the conversation, most sellers today tend to miss it or consider it a nice-to-have. Using the Heat Score, Leadcamp tracks newly identified leads immediately and sellers get a clear picture of what this collaboration signal means for their deal.

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