Native Data Integrations

Seamlessly connect Leadcamp's Lead Engagement platform to the systems you already use.

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The fastest email inbox sidekick

You want to be aware of key information wherever you work, including your inbox. Add leads and enable full tracking with one click. The Leadcamp Sidekick displays full lead and account details including scores, ICP matching and more.

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Full bi-directional sync of Leads and Accounts


Full bi-directional sync of Leads and Accounts and logging of activities


Sync with hundreds of tools through our Zapier connection

Full CRM syncing

All lead, account and activity data is automatically synchronized with the CRM of your choice. No log or data entry is left behind and CRM data is accurately tracked without manual work.

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Manage up to 100 leads for just $9 a month
Get a workspace and invite your team within 2 minutes
Full GDPR/CCPA-compliance modules