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You, but more efficient.

Get instant deal-winning advice on what to do next based on what's happening. Everything is real-time to optimize your sales execution.

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Enlarged image of the Leadcamp dashboard
Deal-winning guidance

Get crucial alerts on who to follow up with and where action is needed, so nothing falls through the cracks.

Boost productivity

Automate many of your recurring non-selling activities so sellers can spend time on what really matters.

Comprehensive dashboard

Quickly find all relevant information in a single pane of glass that guides you through your day.

Guiding sellers to success using A.I.

AI-generated insights help sellers along the way, by giving them a better understanding of their prospects, their interactions and their overall intent. From the first contact moment to closing the deal, sellers are never caught off guard again.

follow up Dan McTings, sent you an email over 1 week ago.
task Eva Madisson, increasing intent signals. To verify.
meeting follow up You had a meeting with Tiffany Jones, recap needed.

Work smart, not hard. Leadcamp works for you.

Assigning prospects, triggering certain tags and creating specific tasks all automatically. Within Leadcamp you can build automation rules which will help you hit the ground running.

When this happens... Prospect has content interaction
Continue if... Heat score reaches 40
Do this... Assign pipeline stage
Enrol in sequence

Guiding sellers with unparalleled guidance and insights.

Leadcamp provides sellers with a consolidated view of their prospects, buying intent, opportunities and more across the entire funnel.

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Capabilities at a glance

Our unrivaled A.I. engine acts as your co-pilot in closing deals.

Guided selling assignments

With real-time generated next-best-actions we make it easy for you to follow up with prospects. Leadcamp has built in notifications that will make you more productive than ever.

Real-time guided selling recommendations

Automate low-value activities

Time-consuming recurring tasks often have a negative impact on achieving your target. These tasks should and often can be automated. This can be done in Leadcamp in just a few clicks.

Automate low-value tasks to focus on selling
Real-time guided selling recommendations Automate low-value tasks to focus on selling
Visual of Leadcamp's touchpoints - enlarged
Visual of Leadcamp's pipeline automation - enlarged