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Prioritize sales prospects.

Through measuring interactions we prioritize for you. Expect more focus with pipelines, less work, and a clear overview of who to contact next.

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Heat Score

Prospect engagement is neatly portrayed as our Heat Score. See which prospects are interacting and what it means.

Funnel automations

Drag-and-drop funnel management is a thing from the past. Leadcamp's prospecting and opportunity funnel can be fully automated.


Send and receive data across all possible platforms with our integrations. You can also align your deal stages with your CRM system.

See exactly what prospects are thinking.

No more guessing. Leadcamp monitors your prospects across multiple channels and measures their engagement on emails, content, your website,... All that data is impossible to analyze so it's crunched for you and portrayed as the Heat Score.

Heat Score

Intent is above average at this stage.

email engagement
content engagement
website engagement
meeting engagement

Instant visibility on who's where.

A specific pipeline for prospecting gives you a clear picture of whether your efforts are paying off. Using filters, you can change the view to focus on what is essential.

Prospecting pipeline in detail - Leadcamp

We prioritize sales prospects for you with intent data.

Leadcamp runs real-time prospect analysis and spots intent signals to bring science to the art of sales, enabling sellers to work based on reality.

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Capabilities at a glance

Leadcamp goes beyond just capturing and analyzing data, we'll help you sell. Period.

Scoring with the Heat Score

Prioritizing prospects has never been easier. Never again do you have to dig for data and rely on your gut feeling. Heat Score does all the heavy lifting.

Leadcamp Heat Score in detail

Automated sales funnels

Automize dragging and dropping your prospects. Prospects and opportunities can autonomously move the stages with automation rules.

Build automations quickly with the automation library

One-click integrations

Link Leadcamp with your entire tech stack to create a single source of truth. Our system receives data as well as sends data to many of the tools you use.

One-click integrations enable you to get up and running in a minute
Leadcamp Heat Score in detail Build automations quickly with the automation library One-click integrations enable you to get up and running in a minute
Enlarged prospecting pipeline in detail - Leadcamp