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Hubspot + Leadcamp Integration

  • Save time by having all data in a single pane of glass and enjoy automated logging.
  • Remove administrative tasks from your day-to-day as Leadcamp takes care of that compeltely.
  • Reach prospects at the exact right moment through smart recommendations based on the Heat Score.
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Leadcamp's sales engagement platform integrates easily with Hubspot to increase your sales team's productivity, giving sellers a single source of truth and making sure everything is always in sync.

The two-way synchronization of data between Leadcamp and HubSpot in real time. Out-of-the-box with default field mappings that are already created for you so there's no additional setup time.

Business Impact

For sellers

The most powerful sequences

Leverage Leadcamp's intent-driven sequences and run your outreach like never before. All emails and generated activities are automatically logged into Salesforce.

Automated logging

All emails, tasks, and changes are automatically logged into Hubspot, removing all manually work. We'll also update tasks that have been completed inside Leadcamp fully automatically.

Prioritizing with your eyes closed

Leadcamp's Heat Score helps you keep your finger on the pulse. Whether you manage 100 or 10,000 prospects, Leadcamp lets you know when to contact whom based on our detailed analysis of your prospects' activity.

For marketers

Heat Score trained by millions

Leadcamp's Heat Score trains itself on the data of millions of human interactions worldwide. The score measures multiple channels and its weights can be tailored to your specific business requirements.

Enjoy truthful tracking

Never worry about triggering your own trackers again. If you open emails yourself, or want to check if the link you sent is really correct, we won't link that activity back to your lead.

More than just content opens

Leadcamp dives into each individual activity of engagement and doesn't work with a point-based system. Two leads will never have the same score, making sure you can rely on the scores for further actions.

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