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Aircall + Leadcamp Integration

  • See all Leadcamp data about your prospects inside the Aircall dailer.
  • Automatically trigger the dailer from within Leadcamp on all numbers and call-tasks.
  • Instantly log your Aircall notes on the prospect's detail page inside Leadcamp.
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Leadcamp's sales engagement platform easily integrates with Aircall to increase the productivity of your sales team. It allows salespeople to work from one platform and seamlessly trigger Aircall to make their calls that are then automatically logged.

Calling is an undeniable part of sales outreach these days and makes up a big part of how salespeople spend their days. To make sure they don't lose valuable time with data entry and switching between tools, we built this seamless integration with Aircall.

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Business Impact

Instant trigger phonecalls

From every phonenumber in Leadcamp you can trigger Aircall's dailer to make the call.

Automatic call logging

Once a call is finished, it will be automatically sent to Leadcamp and logged on your prospect's detail activity. Together with notes, call outcome and more.

Log notes as you go

Because taking notes is crucial for future reference, we log them immediately in Leadcamp when your call ends. You can edit them there later.

Caller insights

To minimize changing tools, we display key prospect information directly in Aircall's dailer, so you always know who you're calling.

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