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Sales outreach, reinvented.

Engage with your prospects and view all interactions at a glance so that you can tap into their interests when it matters.

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Leadcamp email tracking in detail | Leadcamp
Track all email activities

Leverage email cadences to expand your funnel. All emails journeys can be automatically tailored based on prospect engagement.

Easily share content

Share and embed content to capture new prospects and review their engagement in detail. Leadcamp also automatically creates a shared folder for each prospect.

Unrivaled pipeline management

Our pipelines are connected to our Heat Score. All intent is captured and neatly portrayed so you can reach out and engage when it matters the most.

Personalized email cadences that adapt to engagement.

Never send irrelevant emails again, as Leadcamp analyzes prospects' behavior to adapt the email sequence accordingly. You can leverage a wide set of intent-listeners to do the trick.

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prospect picked up the phone Sequence follows interacted path from now.
content hasn't been viewed Sequence follows not interacted path from now.
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Integrate with LinkedIn and interact automatically.

You can add LinkedIn activities next to your other touchpoints in our cadences. Giving you a complete sales outreach to build great relationships. In this way, you can work your way towards getting a positive email reply by adding small incremental LinkedIn steps.

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Leadcamp automated LinkedIn actions

Engage and capture prospects with your content.

Through Leadcamp's content platform, you increase your ability to connect with prospects. Our library will automatically capture new prospects, and for existing prospects, it gives you powerful insights.

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Statistics for Leveraging Intent (PDF)

Content is tracked down to the detail.

Page 01 - Average views 3 - Average time 51s
Page 01 - Average views 1 - Average time 31s
Page 01 - Average views 2 - Average time 76s
Page 01 - Average views 3 - Average time 46s

Prioritize your prospects more clearly than ever.

We're giving you a detailed pipeline to prioritize your prospects before the deal comes through. Have a better understanding of who is interested in your product/service with their personal Heat Score and extra stages to clarify the steps undertaken.

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Leadcamp pipeline automated gif

Personalize your outreach, close the deal faster.

With detailed monitoring of your prospects, you can build hyper-personalized outreach that is still automated.

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Capabilities at a glance

Only Leadcamp monitors prospects in detail across multiple channels autonomously.

Email & Sequence tracking

Install our LeadCamp extension on your chrome web browser. It's compatible with Gmail and Outlook. You will be able to add prospects automatically from your email to your list without filling out an extra form. Easy and fast.

Leadcamp inbox extension on Gmail

Document & video tracking

By uploading your content to leadcamp it will automatically be tracked. Get the data insights as soon as you start sharing the leadcamp content URLs or embed them to your website.

Leadcamp content sharing - illustration

Website tracking

Install Leadcamp's tracking snippet on your website, and as soon as that's installed you'll start receiving notifications on your prospect activities.

Visual of Leadcamp's website tracking
Enlarged Leadcamp inbox extension on Gmail Leadcamp content sharing - enlarged illustration Visual of Leadcamp's website tracking
Visual of Leadcamp's pipeline being automated - enlarged