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Capture and score multiple customer interactions across multiple channels without analyzing anything yourself.

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Eliminate the guesswork from your sales funnel, starting with your next interaction.

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Works with Gmail, Google Workplace, and Outlook or Office 365 for Windows

Tracking your emails in high detail eliminates guesswork.

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You receive instant notifications the second someone opens your email or clicks a link inside. Within the extension, you can review all information in detail and spend less time chasing cold leads.

Trigger leads to make clicks and increase satisfaction

With Leadcamp's email extension for Gmail or Outlook, you can insert PDF files or videos with a preview. This works as excellent click-bait because leads are immediately visually supported with what you have to offer.

The Platform That Goes Beyond Just Tracking

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Leadcamp works seamlesslu with Gmail, Google Workplace, Outlook and various other sales tools.

Automatically map all your leads on our Pipeline View so you never lose touch.

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