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Effortlessly Automate Your Recurring Emails in Outlook.

Transform Your Email Game with Leadcamp - The Automated Platform that Sends Personalized Messages Based on Your Contacts' Interactions, Simplifying Recurring Email Tasks for All Outlook Users.

Send recurring emails at scale.

Personalize each email automatically.

Works in Outlook desktop and web.

Effortlessly Handle your automated Emails in Outlook

An email automation platform can make all the difference in personalizing your emails at scale, whether you want to send a few recurring emails or automate your follow-ups. Leadcamp can handle your goals effortlessly.

Send emails in Outlook and never worry about anything falling between the cracks.


Send your emails directly from Outlook using templates and include tracked content.


You can enroll people in a specific follow-up cadence within the platform for a more personalized journey.


Leadcamp listens carefully to activities and makes sure you never miss crucial interactions.

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Save Time With Our autonomous email journeys.

Activity listeners in your email campaigns help tailor the next email steps to your prospect's unique journey. Unlike standard email follow-ups, Leadcamp allows you to personalize at scale yet in an automated way.

"In only a couple of weeks, we've seen an increase in our email relevance and reply rates with Leadcamp."

The old way

Old sequence flow

The new way

New sequence flow with Leadcamp

Leadcamp Will Give You an Advantage Over Your Competition.

Focus more on conversations instead of wasting time on administration and prioritization based on gut feeling.

Leverage AI to Act as Your Real-Time Email Co-pilot.

What happens when you follow up on your email too late? You can set up notifications for specific interactions to ensure you never miss crucial activities.

Simplify, Qualify and Amplify with Leadcamp.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Leadcamp?

Leadcamp enables sales teams to analyze their most valuable asset - prospect interactions and buying intent. With Leadcamp, you can turn your sales organization into a revenue machine and help people reach their full potential.

Who is Leadcamp for?

Leadcamp is for professional sales teams looking to leverage the intent data of prospects and help their people with the heavy lifting through autonomous analysis and guidance. Here are the roles we serve most times:

Sales Reps
SDRs and Account Executives use Leadcamp daily to manage their entire sales process. From sharing content with prospects to running sequences and managing their entire pipeline. Leadcamp makes their work more efficient and effective.

Sales Leaders
Sales leaders use Leadcamp to keep track of their team's performance and activities and to understand in detail what is working within their team's pipeline and what's not.

Marketing Managers
Even though Leadcamp is a sales platform, marketing managers can leverage extensive tracking, dive into content adoption and prospect sources, and get visibility on full-funnel metrics and activities.

What kind of company makes a good Leadcamp customer?

B2B organizations selling complex products or services who need to capture and get visibility into the buying intent of prospects in order to keep deals moving.

How secure is our data?

Leadcamp offers high standards when it comes to security and data compliance. All data is stored in GDPR-compliant European servers. Customers can choose from different GDPR tiers inside to ensure it matches their in-company policies.

How does the set up go?

Leadcamp's setup is simple and takes no more than 5 minutes:

First, you create your Leadcamp workspace.

Second, you invite your all-star sales team. They will receive an invite to join your workspace.

Third, connect your mailbox and calendar, install the website tracking snipped and fill the library with your content.

Lastly, Leadcamp will now capture all intent signals from the linked sources. You can now start sending out emails, build a sequence and let the platform work for you.