What does it mean?

Annual Recurring Revenue

Annual Recurring Revenue is a metric that measures an organization's future recurring revenue. In simple terms, it represents the annualized value of the recurring revenue from customers with active subscriptions at the end of a given period. ARR is calculated by multiplying the average monthly recurring revenue by twelve (months in a year). See also MRR.

Understanding Annual Recurring Revenue and Its Importance for Your Business

In today's economy, many businesses have adopted a subscription model to provide customer services or products. As the subscription economy grows, businesses need to understand the importance of metrics that assess their recurring revenue growth. One such metric is the Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR). ARR is an integral part of every subscription-based business, and in this blog post, we will delve into its details. Whether you are a sales manager, sales rep, or a startup entrepreneur, this blog post is for you.

The Significance Of ARR For Businesses

ARR gives businesses an estimate of their future recurring revenue, enabling them to understand their financial health clearly. It is a valuable metric for forecasting, budgeting, and analyzing the company's financial statements. ARR also helps businesses to understand their customer retention rate over a period of time. For startups, ARR serves as a benchmark for growth and an essential factor that investors look into before investing. Thus, ARR helps your business identify growth opportunities, increasing customer lifetime value and revenue growth.

Measuring ARR

Measuring ARR is relatively simple. First, you need to calculate the average monthly recurring revenue by dividing the total monthly subscription revenue by the number of subscribers. Once you have the average monthly recurring revenue, multiply it by twelve (months in a year) to get the annual recurring revenue. For instance, if your average monthly recurring revenue is USD 100 and you have 2000 subscribers, your ARR will be 100200012= USD 2.4 million.

Using ARR for Long-term Planning

ARR is an essential metric for long-term planning, especially for subscription-based businesses with a longer subscription duration. By tracking ARR, businesses can identify trends in their recurring revenue growth and the resulting revenue streams from specific customer segments. This understanding will enable businesses to make strategic decisions to improve customer acquisition and retention.


Understanding and tracking your organization's ARR is vital to the growth and sustainability of your business. The metric is valuable for forecasting, budgeting, analyzing financial statements, and planning. ARR will become even more critical to businesses as the subscription-based economy grows. Knowing your ARR will enable your business to make informed decisions and contribute to long-term success.

ARR is a simple yet powerful metric that businesses should prioritize tracking. It helps you understand the health of your subscription-based business and guides you in making informed decisions. If you have not already, start tracking your business's ARR today!