Connect Website Data to Your Sales Funnel.

Sync website data to get insights on who's visiting, for how long, which pages, and their scrolling behavior. Optimize your sales strategy and streamline your entire sales process.

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Automate Your Lead Capture Forms.

The Leadcamp snippet lets you easily capture leads from your website and automatically send them to your prospect pipeline. Say goodbye to manual data entry and effortlessly fill your CRM with inbound leads.

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Get Notified When Prospects Visit Your Website.

Don't miss out on interested prospects without knowing it. With Leadcamp, you can receive alerts when a prospect visits your website, ensuring you reach out at the right time. By being notified of prospect activity, you can optimize your sales strategy and improve your chances of closing deals. Stay in the loop and take action when it matters most.


Sofie Richards visited your website again. Last visit was 5 weeks ago.

Secure and Customizable Automation Tool.

At Leadcamp, we prioritize the security and privacy of your sensitive data. Our code is designed to ignore sensitive data, such as passwords or other confidential information, ensuring your information stays safe and protected. You can customize and turn off any form you don't want to track, giving you complete control over your sales pipeline.

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Streamline Your Email Outreach.

With our all-in-one sales engagement platform, you can effortlessly reach out to prospects at every important step of the sales process. Whether it's sending confirmation emails for PDF downloads or form fill-outs, Leadcamp allows you to keep in contact with your prospects without the hassle.

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