Trigger Sales Engagement.

Manage your sales content through our platform. By tracking all engagement in detail, we can notify you to reach out at the right time so you can win them over.

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Content sharing best practices for sales.

Easily Add Tracked Videos to Your Website and Capture Intent.

Gone are the days of embedding YouTube or Vimeo videos on your website and leaving your sales team in the dark about engagement. Video is a very important engagement lever that is often missed.

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Share Content With Prospects at Every Stage of Their Journey.

Whereas sellers used to depend on various tools to send and analyze content, now they don't even have to bother. Leadcamp ensures you understand what works for each prospect through detailed A.I. analysis.

See how you can seamlessly add content to a sales cadence 
Statistics for Leveraging Intent (PDF)

Content is tracked down to the detail.

Page 01 - Average views 3 - Average time 51s
Page 01 - Average views 1 - Average time 31s
Page 01 - Average views 2 - Average time 76s
Page 01 - Average views 3 - Average time 46s

Variable Content Gating to Give Value Before Asking.

For each piece of content, you can select when you gate the content. That way, prospects are more likely to enter their data because they've already seen the value.

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All Shared Content Is Visible at a Glance.

Leadcamp automatically groups all of your prospects' viewed items in their personal Leadcamp Drive. This gives prospects a full overview of what's shared with them, and they can easily forward it to others.

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