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We have a prospecting funnel and an opportunity (deal) funnel. Leadcamp is unique for adding all the prospecting stages into a separate funnel so nothing falls through the cracks!

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Leadcamp prospecting funnel

No more drag-and-drop. Rely on full automation.

Leadcamp autonomously assigns prospects to the right stage depending on their level of engagement and activity. Gone are the days of inefficiency and poor oversight.

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Bring crystal clear focus to your pipeline.

Get a clear overview of how interested your prospects are based on engagement. See who you should follow up with first to increase sales conversions.

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Heat Score

Intent is above average at this stage.

email engagement
content engagement
website engagement
meeting engagement

The most detailed prospect funnel

If you want to see every detail of your outreach, who's contacted, replied, met with. Leadcamp is your hotspot for a comprehensive overview of your entire pipeline, powered by all the data available in the platform.

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Animated Leadcamp pipeline automation gif image