Manage Prospects With Ease.

Leadcamp autonomously maps out your prospects on their own prospecting funnel, so you don't miss out on anything! Our Heat Score and AI will tell you exactly who to contact at the right time.

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Instant Visibility on Each Prospect's Journey

Leadcamp autonomously assigns prospects to the right stage depending on their level of engagement and activity. Gone are the days of inefficiency and poor oversight.

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Get Crystal Clear Focus On Their Willingness to Buy.

Get a clear overview of your prospects' interest based on their engagement on each channel. Now you can see who you should follow up with first to increase sales conversions.

Heat Score

Intent is above average at this stage.

email engagement
content engagement
website engagement
meeting engagement

The Most Detailed Prospect Overview on the Market.

If you want to see every detail of your outreach, who's contacted, replied, met with, or even contacted through LinkedIn. Leadcamp is your hotspot for a comprehensive overview of your entire pipeline, powered by all the data on the platform.

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Easy Access to Shared Content.

Leadcamp automatically groups all of your prospects' viewed items in their personal Leadcamp Drive. This gives prospects a full overview of what's shared with them, and they can easily forward it to others.

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