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Next-gen opportunity management

Leadcamp Opportunities means you're never in the dark when it comes to the pipeline again. Your team gets a clear understanding of all sales priorities

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All intentions of prospects involved in an opportunity are identified.


At a glance, you can see everything that is happening with an opportunity.


Real-time visibility on your opportunities helps to forecast better.

Turn insights in superb buying experiences.

Leadcamp's unique intent insights give you a step ahead of competitors because you can use them directly to personalize conversations and your entire buying journey. The opportunity view brings together everything you need to sell more without working more.

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Fully customizable and ready to automate.

Don't overcomplicate your opportunities with recurring tasks or other inefficiencies. Effortlessly automate tasks, pipeline moves and reminders to streamline your entire buying journey. Go more than 3X faster from initial engagement to closed-won.

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Take command of your opportunities.

You can now dig into every detail of an opportunity, from stakeholders, notes to next-best-actions. Get a comprehensive view of your pipeline, powered by the data from Cadence, Content, and Intent signals.