LinkedIn Outreach on Autopilot.

Leadcamp's LinkedIn automation feature lets you do the work without opening all the apps. Enjoy one platform for all your sales outreach efforts.

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A Powerful Way to Warm Up Prospects Before You Email Them.

Carpet-bombing prospects no longer works today. Even with cold emails, it's getting harder and harder to get a response. Making sure someone has seen your name before is a simple trick to change this. You can now automate that part, too.


Visit Profile A soft touch to spark interest and appear on the Who's Viewed list.


Follow profile A relatively new and effective way to trigger engagement is to follow people.


Connect profile Lastly, we'll conenct with them after we initiated interest with the previous.

LinkedIn Actions Performed for You Like Clockwork.

Multi-channel cadences shouldn't be filled up with manual tasks. Choose the LinkedIn action you want to perform and say goodbye to manual work.

LinkedIn automation actions inside Leadcamp

Easily Share and Track Content on LinkedIn.

With Leadcamp's content sharing capabilities, you can easily share trackable content directly on LinkedIn and use variable content gating to capture viewers' information.

Learn more about content sharing 
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Advanced Algorithms to Mimic Human Behavior.

Our algorithm randomizes the delay between actions to mimic human behavior, since no human can fire off 50 messages in a few seconds, and thus neither will we.

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