What's the Chance Your Prospect Will Buy?

Leadcamp's Heat Score shows sellers the probability of a prospect closing as a customer within the next 90 days. Without any manual analysis or guesswork.

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The Heat Score in detail

Prioritize the Highest-Intent Prospects.

Understanding Sales Engagement Through the Heat Score

With the Heat Score, you get a comprehensive view of your sales pipeline by tracking various engagement signals, such as website visits, content views, and email and meeting engagement. This allows you to gain deeper insights into each prospect's behavior and better understand their level of interest in your brand.

Leadcamp's Heat Score in detail

Artificial Intelligence as Your Co-pilot in Sales.

With AI-powered notifications, you can stay on top of crucial activities and events related to your prospects' intent signals. This allows you to be proactive and timely in your follow-ups, avoiding missed opportunities and increasing your chances of closing deals. By leveraging the power of AI, you can optimize your sales strategies and improve your overall performance.

Signals Capture all important actions and notifications
Intelligence Get clarity on what's happening thanks to our A.I. and machine learning
Forecasting Know who to contact at the best time and improve sales execution

Streamline Customer Engagement With Customizable Automation

With fully customizable automation, you can use the Heat Score as a trigger to effortlessly move prospects through the sales pipeline and automate tasks, such as creating reminders and alerts for prospect visits. This streamlines the buying journey and allows you to go 3x faster from initial engagement to closed-won deals.

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Leadcamp's pipeline automation in detail