Intent-Driven Sales Cadences.

Boost your email performance and replies with hyper-personalized cadences. Automatically reply with the right email by listening to your prospect's activities.

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Listen to Your Prospects' Actions to Personalize Their Email Journey.

Use Intent to Time Your Next Cadence Step Perfectly.

Leverage our email cadence software to treat each prospect differently. By using intent signals, you can listen for specific activities and adjust your next cadence step accordingly.

Preview of Leadcamp's autonomous email routing

Reach Out When Your Prospects Are Most Likely to Engage

Get more replies from prospects by sending your emails when they are most likely to read them. You can also send large batches of emails by improving your email health while keeping everything organized.

Snippet of Leadcamp's functionality to Magic Send emails

Leverage Your Best Emails and Sequences as a Template.

You can easily share your winning sales emails and sequences with the team so they can instantly use or adapt them in their own outreach.

Snippet of Leadcamp's functionality to create templates

Decide for Each Email When to Send a Follow-up as a Thread.

When following up on a particular email, such as for content, you may thread the subsequent email to give more context to readers and increase the likelihood of a response.

[Subject] Following up
Hey Frank, As discussed, here's a great piece of content...
[Subject] Re: Following up
Frank, circling back to that article, page 3 highlighted...

Boost Your Sender Reputation by Controlling Your Email Volume.

To ensure your emails don't end up in spam, our sending algorithm mimics human behavior and sends just the right amount of emails per day using a daily email limit.

Daily email limit

Enter the daily limit for this email address.


View Your Cadence Output With the Prospect Funnel.

Your cadence activity - including emails, tasks, and LinkedIn outreach - is automatically displayed in your prospect funnel or sales CRM. This provides you with up-to-date information on the stage and interactions with each prospect, enabling you to make informed decisions and tailor your communication to meet their needs better.

Prospecting pipeline