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What is Leadcamp?

Leadcamp's Sales Action Platform is the only platform sellers need to engage with prospects and close deals. It gives them everything they need, in one place.

With and without Leadcamp

Cadence + Automation

Automate entire email flows and low-value work to reach more buyers, faster. Based on prospect engagement, you can redirect them to follow a different flow or trigger actions.

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Build an impeccable process

Engage prospects with personalized, human and multi-channel flows. From email, call, and LinkedIn steps with templates, and completable in a few clicks. Of course, all tracked in detail.

Adapt journeys based on real-time data.

Leadcamp monitors all channels, including content and your website, and produces a meaningful score you can work with to adapt buyer journeys.

It's time to start automating busywork

A prospect has accepted a meeting and needs to switch pipeline stages? Do you want to send sellers reminders for forgotten prospects? All this can be automated in a few clicks using Leadcamp's Automation Rules.

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Activity Capture + Analysis

Activity Capture automates the hassle of keeping track of everything that happens in your funnel. With a simple click, everything is tracked for each prospect in-funnel. Gone are the days of manual data entry and analysis.

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Multiple channels are monitored in realtime

Prospects connect on multiple channels, yet capturing and analyzing all of those interactions is near to impossible. Until today.

A.I. scores engagement based on audience-trained models

Understanding individual engagement is vital to moving deals forward. Leadcamp's A.I. scoring helps you understand this in a split second.

Increase sales productivity by 30%

By understanding key signals, saving time from data input and analysis, and knowing which prospects need attention, you can increase deal speed.

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Guided Selling

Selling is not just about following a few simple steps. In today's world, a human approach is vital for success. Leadcamp helps sales teams with timely and predictive guidance on how and when to engage for the best results.

Email alerts

Timely alerts to contact and follow up with prospects.


Automated meeting reminders and follow-up tasks.


Never lose sight of prospects and core activity signals.

Done are the days of analyzing data.

Have machine learning analyze all prospect interactions for you and guide you towards the next-best-action.

Get timely alerts of important signals.

For most sellers it is impractical to keep track of all prospects and their actions. Leadcamp does this in the background and gives you alerts when needed.

Learn from closed deals for future success.

Leadcamp's predictive engine continuously monitors all actions and understands which buying signals are vital to deal success to help sellers replicate success.

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Work with the tools your team uses every day.

Eliminate data entry, clicking between different tools and help your team sell in a smarter way.

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