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recommendations engine

Say "Bye Bye" to guessing games.

Leadcamp ensures you can devote all your attention to sales and not to the process of manual task keeping. We take care of that automatically, fully synchronized with your CRM.

Recommended action

Mac Stevens has exceeded the reply pace. Recommended to follow up today.


Your prospect undertakes multiple actions after your outreach.


All activity is analyzed and builds up the Heat Score.


Sellers are alerted with the next-best-action to undertake.

A trigger_action to help you close more deals.

Don't waste time on prospects who will never become customers. If you know which prospects are more likely to close, you can better target your sales efforts to close more deals and win more customers.

Machine Learning helps you use the data.

Every email, meeting, piece of content or web page is data. You can possibly analyze everything as a human being and make sense of it. Machine learning crunches the numbers so you can make better decisions and do what you love: selling.