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The sales action platform that drives sales actionsales action.

Leadcamp equips sales teams with everything they need to excel in digital sales, including cadencing, automation, content management and guided selling.

Raffael Smits (Meta Inc.)

Account review advised

50 mins ago

Account in danger

Engage with this high quality prospect. No engagement since 06/04/2022 and might be losing interest.

Orchestrate your sales process in just a few clicks.

From prospecting new business to expanding customers, Leadcamp's Sales Action Platform gives sellers what they need to close deals.

Cadence + Automation

Run intent-driven cadences to personalize at scale.

Manage conditional cadences based on intent and engagement, automate administrative tasks, and get reminders of crucial steps on when, and how to engage prospects for the best outcome.

Cadences Automations LinkedIn actions (*coming soon)
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1. Automatic email Template: Fancy a coffee?
Hi {{First name}}, Most sellers are not able to tell which prospects to focus on
Rule active 2. Split Cadence Split rule: email opens, 3.
Cadence will listen for email opens to continue.
3. Automatic email Template: Meeting agenda.
Hi {{First name}}, I wanted to share with you the agenda for our meeting tomorrow. Agenda:
Rule active 4. Assign to stage Change pipeline: Contacted > Meeting.
Prospect will be assigned to Meeting stage
Touchpoints in detail - Leadcamp

Activity Capture + Analysis

Leverage data and insights as a single source of reality.

Leadcamp analyzes prospect interactions across email, content, website, and other channels to deliver your team real-time insights they need to close more deals.

Multi-channel capturing A.I. intent scoring Enrichment Content library & tracking
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Guided selling

Ease your mind as artifical intelligence has your back on next-best-actions.

There is no room for guesswork in sales. Today, buyers and sellers connect through multiple channels, but capturing and analyzing all those interactions is still done with separate tools, if at all. Those days are over.

Accounts in danger Must-contact prospects Follow-up reminders Machine learning optimization
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Email alerts

Timely alerts to contact and follow up with prospects.


Automated meeting reminders and follow-up tasks.


Never lose sight of prospects and core activity signals.

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What Our Customers Have To Say

Avatar Neil B

"If you want to be able to track and have insights as well prompt on which hot prospects to follow up on; Leadcamp fits the bill perfectly."

Neil B.
London - Professional training & coaching - 1-10 employees

Avatar Kwan H

"Leadcamp is a great tracking and predictive analytics software with simple yet sophisticated workflow automation capabilities."

Kwan H.
Tangerang - Marketing & Advertising - 11-50 employees


"Leadcamp is ridiculously easy to deploy (it took about 20 mins!) and just as easy to use. Love the dashboard where our teams can track their prospects easily."

Al G.
London - Information Technology - 201-500 employees

How we do it

We unify and analyze all revenue activity so your team can focus on high value activities.

Leadcamp captures and analyzes prospect interactions, analyzes them and guides you on next best actions and potential deal risks.
Here's the Sales Action Model and how it works.

Sales Action Matrix by Leadcamp
Capture interactions
Lessons and
Automation &

Capture all interactions

Focus on your prospects and conversations, not data entry or analysis. All interactions are captured in detail fully automatically or with minimal effort.

A.I. analyses in detail

The next step is analysis. Because prospects can not only engage with many different sources but also the degree to which they do so varies, our software can expose those nuances in seconds.

Enjoy guidance and automation

As a result of analyses of hundreds of thousands of prospects and sellers, we are in a good position to advise on the next best actions. Either fully automated or customized to your own process.

Our customers achieve incredible results.

"Leadcamp is pretty powerful. I have not even scratched the surface but already, I find it immensely valuable." Read more