Top 5 Lead Scoring Platforms and the Criteria They Use.

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Lead scoring is assigning a numeric value to each lead based on criteria that determine how likely that lead is to become a customer. This helps sales teams prioritize their leads and prospects, as they can focus their efforts on those with the highest conversion potential. To score leads properly, it's important to understand what criteria to use and how to use them in a way that's effective for your business. Let's look at what you need to know about lead-scoring platforms and their criteria.

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Top Lead Scoring Platforms and the Criteria They Use
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What is Lead Scoring?

Lead scoring defines a buyer's readiness to buy a product or service by automatically receiving a numerical value indicating their interest. This is based on different criteria and data points. Most sales platforms that offer this will give you a way to add weights yourself to certain behavior, so you can quickly evaluate which leads are more valuable than others. The more established platforms leverage artificial intelligence and do the heavy lifting for you.

Lead Scoring Platforms

Lead scoring platforms are tools businesses use to organize and prioritize their sales leads. Businesses can automate the process of assigning scores by using a lead scoring platform and use this data to decide which leads should be pursued first. The platform typically uses an algorithm that considers various factors, such as demographics and behavioral data, to assign scores.

What criteria are used to score leads?

The criteria used when creating a lead score will vary depending on the company's needs and goals, but some common elements are used in most lead scoring systems. Demographic data such as job title, location, and company size are often considered when creating a score and are generally part of your sales qualification process. Additionally, the system may factor in behavioral data such as website visits, email opens or clicks, webinar attendance, marketing emails sent or opened, etc. All this information helps create an overall picture of the lead's interest in the offered product or service.

Considering what will give us the most information about someone's interest, we defined interaction with your content, emails, and website as the most important criteria for lead scoring. Anything besides that is genuinely just a guess, and by setting up some rules, you might be excluding some companies who are also ready to buy.

Top 5 lead scoring platforms and their criteria

Leadcamp's attribution lends towards measuring interaction (intent-data) with your prospect and is called the Heat Score. You can track all interactions on the website and form submissions. You can also track email engagement, sales activity, and content engagement by uploading your pdfs, videos, and more to their content library. Leadcamp automatically captures device information and links all dots together throughout the sales process to generate a trustworthy likeness-to-buy score.

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Leadcamp scores all interactions fully automatically.

HubSpot's lead scoring model is a manual point-based system that you need to regularly update if you want to take the most out of it. The attributions or criteria you can set up inHubSpot are; demographics, company information, Online behavior on your website, and email engagement.

Salesforce Einstein
Salesforce is completely automatic and will analyze all your data for you. It is only appropriate for big companies as you need to have a large database to find patterns. Einstein associates each lead with a job rank and a department and only bases its lead scoring off of their demographics, company, and employee information of past closed & won deals.

With VanillaSoft, you will get an automated lead score based on your sales activity with them, so all your calls, meetings, and emails are considered. This platform will also take the ROI of your deal into consideration.

Freshsales offers you a complete lead score based on the following four; lead property (job title, locations, industry type,...), email activity, application activity, and web activity.

What is lead nurturing, and why to combine these two

The above platforms also include features to nurture your leads in case they don't convert into customers. Here's an article that goes a little deeper into the topic of prospecting tools. Lead nurturing is an important aspect of modern marketing and sales; it helps to bring a lead from their discovery of your company to a point where they are ready to purchase. Cadences are an important part of the lead nurturing process, as they send the same series of emails containing relevant content tailored to each individual's stage in the sales funnel. Each cadence should include a mixture of targeted content, such as helpful resources, case studies, and discounts on products or services. This content shows the customer that your company understands their needs and is working to give them what they need to make informed decisions about their purchase. Cadences should be regularly reviewed and monitored to ensure that leads receive the best experience possible.

Wrapping up

Lead scoring has become an invaluable tool for sales teams looking to identify hot leads and prioritize their outreach strategies accordingly. Knowing what criteria are needed for successful lead scoring is essential if you want your system to be effective; by understanding what factors go into creating an accurate score, you can more accurately predict which leads will most likely convert into customers down the line. With the right combination of demographic and behavioral data, you can ensure that your sales team is focusing their efforts on those leads with the greatest potential for success — leading to more closed deals and higher ROI!