The Best Intent Data Tools Out There in 2023

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We wanted to share the best tools in intent data on both first and third data. Deciding which tools to use can be difficult, so we want to clarify the difference between first-party and third-party data and which platforms you can use for each case. You can also find our list of best sales engagement tools.

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The Best Intent Data Tools Out There in 2023
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First-party intent data tools

Leadscore will help you gain leads by integrating website forms with their CRM for easy management. It will also track your prospects across your website to see where they click and what pages they visit.

Leadcamp can natively capture all core elements to help you get as much intent data as possible. Email tracking is easily done with their Gmail or Outlook integrations which not only helps you track your email openings, link clicks, and replies but also allows you to sync your prospects from your email straight to your CRM. Website tracking allows you to track all website engagement and form submissions, and content tracking is possible through their content management system.

HubSpot has email integrations and website tracking. It will allow you to see your prospects' intent on those two levels to inform you which pages your prospects have visited and how involved your prospect is regarding your email marketing.

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Third-party intent data tools
B2B lead generation software Leadfeeder identifies companies visiting your site, how they got there, their behavior, and their intent to purchase. Over 45,000 users worldwide make Leadfeeder a great sales & marketing tool of choice for generating leads.
Over 80 million people research, compare, and vet software and services on each year. Use G2 Buyer Intent data to identify and engage with active buyers who indicate interest in you, your category, or even your competitors. Integrate G2 Buyer Intent data with your CRM, Marketing Automation, Sales Engagement, ABM, and other sales and marketing technologies.
Bombora's offering identifies what topics businesses are currently researching and how intensively they are doing so. After scoring these signals, it helps sales and marketing teams prioritize targets.

Wrapping up

There are many other third-party intent data tools out there though there's a limited amount of tools offering you first-party intent data and sales options. If you're looking for alternative intent data providers that offer first-party intent data and sales options, we recommend checking out the companies on our list. We hope this guide helped show you the importance of having accurate, actionable intel to help make decisions about your sales strategy.