10 "Take Care" Alternatives for Email

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At the end of an email, when having been in touch with somebody for a longer time. You might want to wish them well regarding their current situation or just in general. If multiple emails are exchanged between you, you might want to find synonyms for "take care" so you don't repeat yourself.

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Top 10 "Take Care" Alternatives for Email
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Here are ten other ways to say "take care".

1. Have a great rest of the week!

You can use this sentence if you don't see or hear that person again that week. It's a great way to be friendly in your emails.

2. All the best!

If you had a positive conversation, or you know the prospect or client is working on something big, it's a great way to wish them well in their endeavors.

3. Be/Get well!

Say this in your email if you have noticed that this person is a little sick. It's an excellent way to show you are and wish them good health.

4. take it easy.

If you notice somebody works just a little too much or has a lot on his plate, this is the perfect sentence to use. It is also appropriate if this person has come out of surgery or similar.

5. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

If you've had good contact with this person and have a meeting soon, this is an excellent phrase to use at the end of your email. It can also be used if you hope to see that person again in the near future.

6. My thoughts are with you.

Use this in case this person has received bad news about a sick relative or friend or being sick. It means that you wish this person well and you're actively thinking about their situation.

7. Safe travels!

This is an easy sentence to use when you know someone is going on a journey, flight, or other trips.

8. Feel better soon!

If somebody is really under the weather, you can use this sentence to uplift their spirits.

9. Happy Holidays

When the holiday season comes around, we tend to use this phrase, wishing everyone a good time.

10. Keep in touch

For email communication, this is a great sentence to use when you still have to call, write or meet up later that week or month.