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Why You Should Be Responding to Google Reviews (Even Bad Ones)!

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In the internet age, reviews are essential to any business's success. A great review can attract new customers and provide your business with a boost of exposure and credibility. On the other hand, a bad review can do the exact opposite. So, how should you respond to a negative review? And more importantly, why should you even bother responding? Let's take a look at how your business can handle reviews and use them as part of your marketing strategy.

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Why You Should Be Responding to Google Reviews
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The Benefits of Responding to Reviews

Responding to reviews is an important part of online reputation management. It shows potential customers that you take their feedback seriously and care about their experience with your product or service. This will help to build trust and demonstrate your commitment to customer service. Additionally, responding to reviews can also be used as an opportunity to highlight the positive aspects of your product or service, which may encourage other potential customers who read it. Furthermore, responding quickly may also improve your ranking on search engines like Google since Google favors websites that respond quickly to customer queries.

Can you remove Negative Google Reviews?

Unfortunately, you can't. Google Reviews doesn't allow this to avoid tampering with your reviews. So even if you have an unethical review from somebody, the only way to deal with it is to respond to it.

Sometimes it happens that you get a misplaced review, even from somebody who is not a customer. So in the cases of fake reviews and reviews that violate Google's content policy, you can report it to Google and hope they take it down for you.

If you opt to reply, remember to always be gentle and friendly in your responses, no matter what they have written.

Here are the steps to respond to a review:

  1. Go to and open your account.
  2. Google My business now looks like the general search bar but with extra icons on the top of the page: Click on 'Reviews'.
  3. A list of reviews will come up. Find the review you want to reply to and click 'Reply'.
  4. Click 'Post reply'.

How to Respond to Negative Reviews

When it comes time to respond to negative reviews, you should keep a few key things in mind.

First and foremost, stay professional! Even if the reviewer was rude or condescending in their response, maintain a calm demeanor throughout your reply.

Secondly, apologize sincerely for any mistakes on behalf of your company and offer them some sort of solution or compensation if possible. It may even prompt the original reviewer to change their review or leave a follow-up comment, which could help boost your ratings overall.

Finally, thank them for their feedback—even if it is negative—and let them know that their opinion is valued by your company.

Using Reviews as Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Reviews are an excellent way for businesses to gain visibility online. Encourage happy customers who have had a good experience with your product or service to leave honest reviews on Google or social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. This will help build up trust in potential customers who see these positive ratings and might be swayed into choosing your company over competitors with lower ratings. Additionally, responding promptly and professionally when someone leaves a bad review shows current and future customers that you take customer service seriously—which can be as powerful as positive ratings when it comes time for someone making buying decisions!

By leveraging good reviews as part of your marketing strategy—for example, by highlighting them on social media or including them in email campaigns—you can reach new audiences while showcasing the value of what you offer in a way that resonates with people who have already had success using it.

Wrapping up

At the end of the day, responding properly to good and bad reviews is essential for any business looking to establish itself online—especially startups! Take every opportunity to showcase what makes you unique from competitors by highlighting positive experiences from satisfied customers while demonstrating how much you value customer feedback through prompt responses when something goes wrong! With this approach in place, not only will existing customers feel appreciated but potential ones too!