Top 15 Call to Action for Your Next Email

The days of explicitly asking for someone's time are over. These days, trying to capture the attention and interest of your prospects is the norm. Try to engage them and have them ASK for your pitch.

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What you'll learn

Regarding sales, the call-to-action (CTA) is one of the most critical components. The final step in your outreach can make the difference between a prospect taking action and moving closer to a sale or simply moving on to the next thing.

But what makes a CTA effective? And how can you ensure that yours are driving the results you want?

That's where this document comes in. We've compiled 15 proven call-to-actions that have been shown to boost conversions and drive results. From simple tweaks to more complex strategies, these tactics have been tested and proven effective in real-world sales outreach campaigns.

These call-to-actions will provide you with actionable insights to help you maximize the impact of your sales and get results fast. So read on, and discover how to take your outreach process to the next level with these proven CTA strategies.

A full list of the best call-to-actions.

After analyzing tons of emails, we've compiled a complete list of CTAs for you.

It's either 'request' or 'reply'.

The theory about creating the perfect call-to-action that will get you results.

Put your learnings in practice.

After this guide, you will know exactly what to say, when, and to whom!

Asked & Answered

Q: What's included in this guide?

A: This guide includes the top 15 call-to-actions we've seen in successful emails that get responses, along with the theory to come up with your own perfect call-to-action.

Q: Who is this sales email template for?

A: Actually, anyone who writes emails frequently, but more specifically salespeople who find that it is becoming increasingly difficult to get time on the calendar with prospects.

Q: What format is this template in?

A: It's easily digestible as a single pdf! Save the link to your computer so you can look back to it when you need it most.

Q: Why do most call-to-actions fail?

A: Long story short, they are asking for a meeting. Why would someone who has never heard of you suddenly agree to spend 30 to 60 minutes with you at Zoom or Google Meet? Exactly!

Q: Do you have more sales tips?

For sure, here are some of our most popular templates: