20 Ways to Say "Please Find Attached" and Why to add Content to your Sales Emails

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In business, adding attachments is a necessary part of communication, but sometimes how we phrase them can be a little brusque. Here are 20 alternatives to "please find attached" that will get your point across without sounding too harsh, direct, or annoying. Besides that, email is one of the most commonly used methods of communication. Sales teams use email to communicate with prospects and customers daily. Ensuring that your sales emails are clear, concise, and professional is important. But what about attaching documents? Is there a time and a place for that? Let's take a closer look.

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20 Ways to Say "Please Find Attached" and Why to add Content to your Sales Emails
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20 alternatives to "please find attached"

When to attach documents in sales emails

There are a few situations when attaching a document to your sales email might make sense. For example, if you're sending a contract or proposal, it's obviously going to need to be in PDF form. In this case, attaching the document to your email would make sense so the recipient can easily access it.

However, attaching documents can be helpful in a few other situations. Attaching a document can be a great way to provide all the information in one place if you send along detailed information about your product or company. This can be especially helpful if you're dealing with international clients who might not be as familiar with your product. Another situation when attaching documents can be helpful is when you're sending along data or research that supports your claims. This can add an extra layer of credibility to your sales pitch.

Track prospect or customer interest in your content

Tracking prospect or customer interest in your content can be an invaluable way to capture key engagement and the ROI of your content. You can monitor how much time prospects spend on various content types, track downloads of valuable assets, and understand what caught their attention.

These insights empower you to retarget prospects, send more personalized emails, and craft content based on the topics each person is most interested in. Content tracking lets you keep the pulse on customer sentiment while they travel down the sales funnel, providing a powerful leg up to optimize email cadences and focus resources effectively.

You can easily track your content by uploading it to a content management system or sales platform like Leadcamp. This allows you to share your content through a link on other channels, such as social media. Giving you many opportunities to create brand interest.

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When Not to Attach Documents in Sales Emails

Of course, there are also times when attaching documents is not appropriate. For example, if you're just sending a simple follow-up email, there's no need to clutter up the message with an attachment. In general, it's best to only attach documents when they're absolutely necessary. You don't want to overwhelm recipients with too much information at once. If you have multiple documents that would be helpful, consider sending them as separate attachments instead of including them all in one email.

Wrapping up

Attachments can be a great way to provide additional information in your sales emails. However, it's important to use them sparingly and only attach documents when they're necessary. overloading recipients with too much information at once can do more harm than good. Think carefully about whether an attachment is truly needed before hitting "send." And next time you're sending an email with an attachment, try one of these 20 alternatives for size. Your recipients will appreciate it. If you want to learn more vocabulary on how to write your emails, you can find multiple synonyms in our article for "Hope you are doing well" and "Find in attachment".