Multiple Email Addresses - Why You Need Them and How to Set It Up

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In today's digital age, almost everyone has at least one email address. Many people have multiple email addresses for different purposes. While it may seem like a hassle to keep track of multiple email accounts, there are several advantages to having more than one. Let's look at how to set up multiple email addresses in Gmail and a few benefits.

Multiple Email Addresses - Why You Need Them and How to Get Them - feature image
Multiple Email Addresses - Why You Need Them and How to Get Them
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Email Organization

One of the main reasons people have multiple email accounts is for organizational purposes. For example, you might have one email address for work correspondence, another for personal messages, and another for online shopping and other miscellaneous purposes. Keeping your emails segregated in this way makes it much easier to stay organized and find the messages you're looking for quickly and easily. This can be a huge time-saver, especially if you get a lot of emails daily.

Security and Privacy of Emails - You Can Avoid Spam

Another advantage of having multiple email addresses is that it can help you maintain security and privacy for your most important messages. For example, you might want to create an account specifically for online banking and other financial transactions. This way, even if your main email account is hacked or compromised, your sensitive information will remain safe and secure. Additionally, you can use different email addresses when signing up for online services so that you don't have to give your primary address to everyone who asks for it. This helps to reduce the amount of spam you receive daily.

How to Get Multiple Email Addresses in Gmail and Outlook

If you're convinced that multiple email addresses would benefit you, the next step is to set up those additional accounts. The good news is that this process is relatively simple and only takes a few minutes.

Gmail users can set up multiple email addresses by using aliases. To do this:

Gmail will now send a confirmation code to your new email address; enter this code back into Gmail to verify the alias. And that's it! You now have a new Gmail address you can use!

Outlook users can also set up additional alias accounts with ease. Here's how:

You will then be able to use this new account just like any other Outlook account. As an extra, here's how to send out recurring emails in Microsoft Outlook.

As you can see, many good reasons exist to have more than one email address. If you've used the same address for everything up until now, consider creating separate accounts for work, personal use, and other purposes. You'll be surprised at how much simpler and more organized your life becomes!

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