6 alternatives to "Does that Make Sense"!?

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If you use the sentence "does that make sense" in your sales pitch, we recommend different options. A top sales tip is to be confident in your language when pitching. This phrase could indicate that you are unsure what you're talking about. So it makes all the sense in the world to change this to something else. Let's see what alternatives we have, and we'll also give you some Spanish options!

6 Alternatives to; 'Does that Make Sense' - Featured image
6 Alternatives to; 'Does that Make Sense'
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Are you following up regarding X?

"Are you following?" is a good way to check in with your clients to see if they have understood everything you have been talking about. It is sometimes necessary to stop and check in with your prospects to see if they are following.

How does that sound to you?

Here you want to ensure that the customer is happy with the options you have given them. You want to ensure that it is completely aligned with the previously discussed obstacles. Check out this article in case you want to know more about handling obstacles.

Is there anything you would like me to repeat?

If you give the client a lot of information, they might want to have you repeat some parts. So it's perfectly fine to do that if they ask for it.

Is everything clear for now?

Just like the question "are you following" this is just to check in on your prospects or clients to make sure everything is fine on their side. Answer any questions or doubt they might have.

Do you have any doubts up until now?

Here you are clarifying their questions and doubts again to ensure they understand everything.

Before we move on, is there any feedback from your side?

In this case, you won't be answering any questions; however, you are looking for their opinion on your product or service. This is also a perfect question to ask when you want to confront any client's objections.

6 Spanish alternatives to "Does that make sense"!?

Are you selling in Spanish? You might want to translate the sentence "Does it make sense?", which would be "¿Tiene sentido?". This doesn't fit in a sales pitch, nor does it in Spanish. So here are 6 Spanish Translations of the sentences above.

¿Estás siguiendo con respecto a X?
¿Cómo te suena eso?
¿Hay algo que le gustaría que repita?
¿Está todo claro por ahora?
¿Tienes alguna duda hasta ahora?
Antes de continuar, ¿hay algún comentario de su parte?