How to Optimize Your Website Design for More Inbound Lead Conversions

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A well-designed website is more important than ever in today's digital world. Your website is often the first point of contact between you and your potential customers, so it must make a good impression. But what exactly makes a good website? Below are the essential elements of a good website design and what drives more inbound leads. We'll be giving you the best tips and examples we have found so you can optimize your website for better conversions.

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How to Optimize Your Website Design for More Inbound Lead Conversions
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Features That Drive Inbound Leads

The best converting B2B websites share several common features that contribute to their success in generating leads and driving conversions. The most prominent one is that they all have a clear value proposition. They communicate their value proposition and unique selling points. Visitors should know within seconds of landing on the site what sets the company apart and why they should do business with them.

The second most important one is to have a friendly user design. Nowadays, people discard any type of old-looking websites as it looks unprofessional. A website that is easy to navigate and visually appealing will likely keep visitors engaged and encourage them to take action (CTA). The website should be responsive and can be accessed from different devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. You never know from which device they'll be looking at your website.

Including testimonials, case studies, and other forms of social proof can help build trust and credibility with potential customers. They show that the company has a track record of delivering results and providing value to its clients.

Finally, your website needs to have a fast loading speed. In today's fast-paced world, people expect websites to load quickly. If your site takes too long to load, visitors will likely get frustrated and leave before seeing what you offer. It's the first step in creating a good online customer experience. You can improve your site's loading speed by optimizing your images and using cache plugins. Of course, you can optimize your website with A/B testing different design elements, CTAs, and messaging to see what resonates best with visitors and drives the most conversions. However, if you focus on the above and get it right, you'll be ready!

Focus On Your Call-To-Actions (CTAs)

A compelling CTA, or calls to action, can significantly improve a website or landing page conversion rates. Here are some features that can make CTAs more effective in converting visitors into leads or customers:

Clear and concise language
Your CTA should use simple, direct, and easy-to-understand language. Avoid using complex or technical jargon that could confuse or intimidate visitors.

Specific action-oriented language
Use action-oriented language to communicate what the visitor needs to do next. For example, "Download our free guide" or "Schedule a consultation today."

Contrasting colors
Make sure your CTA stands out on the page, so using a contrasting color that is different from the rest of the page can draw the visitor's attention and make the CTA more noticeable.

Large and prominent size
CTAs should be large enough to be easily seen and clicked on and positioned in a prominent location on the page.

Create urgency
Increase the effectiveness of your words by creating a sense of urgency. For example, "Limited time offer" or "Only a few spots left."

Place them strategically on the page, such as at the end of a blog post or in a prominent location above the fold on a landing page.

CTAs can be more effective when they are personalized to the visitor's interests or behavior. For example, a CTA that changes based on the visitor's location or previous browsing behavior.

Having potential customers read targeted content can also be a great CTA, definitely if the content is gated where they'd need to fill in their details before reading it. Content that is tailored to the needs and interests of the target audience is more likely to engage visitors, keep them on the site, and eventually turn them into prospects. This can include blog posts, white papers, case studies, and other resources that address common pain points and challenges the target audience faces.

A Memorable Design To Get Those Potential Customers Coming Back!

A memorable design leaves a lasting impression on the viewer, making it more likely that they will remember and engage with the brand or product again in the future. Starting with the question of how you make your website distinctive and easily recognizable. It should stand out from competitors and be unique to the brand or product it represents. This could be done with a color palette, logo, or copywriting skills.

Everything should be simple and easy to understand. It should communicate the key message or idea quickly and effectively without being cluttered or confusing. A memorable design should also be visually appealing, using color, typography, and imagery in a way that is pleasing to the eye and creates a positive emotional response. Don't forget to be consistent throughout your whole website and content. This will help the customers recognize your brand more easily in the future.

Storytelling is a great way to resonate with the viewers. Conveying a story or message this way should create an emotional connection that leaves an unforgettable impression.

We reviewed 100+ websites to find the best designs according to industry. Look at what your peers are doing to compare, learn and compete with a better, more converting design!

Best Medical and Healthcare Website Designs

Quirumed offers medical supplies and has a great initial overview making it very easy for the client to navigate within their online medical shop.

SHL- Healthcare
SHL-healthcare has the best website design and sleek and simple language, which makes it very clear for the potential customer what they can do for them.

Docheck shop
Docheck shop is another medical supply website with great design. This website has the cleanest look we have seen up until now. They also have a clear overview of their products in the top menu.

Hospital store
Though this website has a bit too much going on, a really nice feature is the search bar at the top of the page. Giving clients the immediate option to look for the product they are looking for.

Though this is not a medical website at all, we wanted to place this one as a reference for medical supplies. It is much cleaner and has better language than most medical websites out there. A great way to convey the business message.

Hood Chiropractic
We like Hood Chiropractic because it really shows customer service with its reviews on the front page. They also stick to simple and relevant pictures with not too much text.

Lastly, we chose Doctoyou also because of its focus on making appointments. Though many websites are very informative, few websites focus on getting the client to book an appointment. This website is a great example of this.

Best Agricultural Website Designs

AMCQA supplies agricultural supplies and has set up its website in a very clean and clear way. We especially like the part where they used icons to group all their products. Making it look very professional.

Zen-noh is a Japanese company linking producers and consumers in agriculture. Their website is beautifully made, with many pictures involving you in their story.

Though this website initially has too much text. The design of the website is still very clean and clear.

Biopest has the best website yet, keeping it engaging with video, great call-to-action buttons, and a very clear overview.

Best banking and financing website designs

UOB has a great website design regarding looks & style.

Similar to the field of UOB, the website design of QNB also has a nice look and style.

Triodos has the best website regarding communication and brand visibility.

Santander lays its focus mainly on their call-to-action and has set up the buttons precisely, looking for as many conversions as possible.


These are just a few of the essential elements of a good website design. Keeping these things in mind as you create or update your site will help ensure it will succeed. If you need help getting started, consider working with a web design agency that can create a custom site for you.