To Gate or Not to Gate Content? What's Best for Lead Generation?

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In the world of digital sales and marketing, content gating is an important tool that can help you capture leads, build relationships with potential customers, and generate more sales. But what exactly is gated content? And how can you use it to drive your business forward? Let's take a look.

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To Gate or Not to Gate Content? What's Best for Lead Generation?
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What is Gated Content?

Gated content refers to any type of restricted digital content. Typically, viewers must provide their contact information to view or download this content. This information can then be used for lead nurturing and customer segmentation purposes. Gated content can include anything from white papers and ebooks to videos and podcasts.

How to Gate Content for Maximum Impact

When creating gated content, it's important to ensure the user experience is positive so people are more likely to opt-in and share their contact details. There are two ways to gate your content which we will discover later, but first, here are some tips on how to gate content effectively:

  1. Make sure your forms are short and succinct - don't ask people for too much information all at once;
  2. Offer incentives (if possible) – create exclusive offers or discounts in exchange for signing up;
  3. Create must-know content - content that solves problems, teaches skills or gives you valuable information are the most successful.
  4. Use visuals – include images or videos in your forms so they stand out from the rest of the page and people get a good sense of what is waiting for them at the other side of the gate.

Gate your content with a landing page

When using a landing page, you will describe the content you will offer them on the page. Then they will fill in an embedded form to receive the content you promised them. Once they have filled in the form, they are usually sent to a second page to watch the video, read the pdf, etc.

Crafting an effective landing page is essential for successful gated content and is a great way to drive conversions. But creating the perfect landing page isn't always easy. When including gated content on a landing page, here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind to ensure you generate the highest quality leads.

First and foremost, provide clear value propositions on the entire page with relevant visuals that capture user attention. Then prioritize user experience by utilizing accessible designs with easily navigable formatting. Ensure your copy focuses on what the user will gain from sharing their contact information instead of why it benefits you. Finally, test multiple versions of your landing page to identify what resonates best with users and provides optimized results. Knowing and effectively executing these gated content tips can go a long way in achieving better ROI for your website marketing efforts.

Additionally, tracking engagement on your gated content is important to see which content resonates most with your audience and adjust accordingly. This will help you identify which pieces of gated content are worth investing time and resources into creating more of in the future. However, this is usually done with extra software to track the content, which leads us to the second way to gate your content.

Gate your content with Content Management Software

An easier way to gate your content is through some content management software. It allows you to upload your content and generates a link automatically gated. The reason it's easier is that the potential customer has fewer clicks to get the content eventually. You can also easily share the link to the content on social media or via email.

Content management software can provide tracking capabilities to manage your content successfully. You can quickly access, store and distribute your materials, no matter their size or format. With tracking features, you'll stay up-to-date on who is accessing and using the content, so you can be sure it's going where it needs to go. Not only that, but this type of software also helps improve your workflow by streamlining the entire process with automated tasks. Content management software allows you to confidently create, edit and share materials in an organized environment.

Ever heard of dynamic content gating?

Some platforms, such as Leadcamp, offer you a way to customize your content gating to different situations. Since there is a huge debate about whether content should be gated or not, dynamic content gating offers a solution.

With this type of content gating, you can set when to show a form requesting contact information. The best practice is to provide value to the prospect or lead first, increasing their interest to read or watch further.

Most platforms do not provide a way to gate external links; this can easily be done with platforms that have invested more in the user experience of the actual recipients. Leadcamp allows users to set up content gating for each piece of content, track all engagement, and lastly, once a specific device has been previously recognized, this platform never asks for content information again, making the experience even better for your future customers.

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Wrapping up

Gating content effectively captures leads, builds relationships with potential customers, and generates more sales for your business - but only if it's done right. Keeping these tips in mind will help you maximize the impact of your gated content strategy and ensure that it produces results for your business over time. Lastly, always be GDPR compliant, so you don't get into trouble! With a little bit of effort upfront, you'll be able to reap the rewards in no time!

Remember - quality over quantity!