Calculating HubSpot Pricing and Why HubSpot Tends to Get Expensive

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HubSpot is a platform with many options. The features extend beyond their initial CRM feature, which they started with. Nowadays, they also offer tools for your marketing, sales, CMS (for data-driven websites), customer service, and operations. Aiming to cover your whole business in one tool instead of using many different tools and losing time integrating them all. This is why HubSpot's pricing starts low and can increase quite a bit over time, as they offer you extra features that most other platforms cannot. However, even using all these features, HubSpot is still very affordable and costs you less than if you would buy 5 different software for marketing, sales, CMS, customer service, and operations.

The question is, should you pay for HubSpot if you only need one of these?

Calculating HubSpot Pricing and Why HubSpot Tends to Get Expensive - feature image
Calculating HubSpot Pricing and Why HubSpot Tends to Get Expensive
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Choosing the Right Software for Sales

You must consider if HubSpot is the right software for your company. As mentioned above, you have many different features for different departments and roles in HubSpot. If you are looking for great software for only your sales department, we highly recommend looking at sales engagement software. Sales engagement, specifically Leadcamp, includes your sales CRM, a complete (done-for-you) pipeline, sales insights, content sharing, lead scoring, and prospect buying intent data, plus a lot of automation to make your work easier than ever before. Using a sales engagement platform can often be cheaper and more effective for reaching your sales quota.

Diving Into HubSpot Starter Package Pricing

The starter Package in HubSpot will give you a lot starting at €41/month (billed annually). You will be able to add two salespeople and two customer service representatives. After that, for every Sales hub user and Service Hub user, you add €23. Regarding your email marketing list, you'll be able to add 1000 contacts, and for every 1000 extra marketing contacts, you add €46 to your monthly cost.

We don't recommend using the HubSpot Starter package if you only use the email marketing feature and sales hub. Many cheaper options in the market are also easier to use.

Although the HubSpot Starter Package is the perfect option for small businesses looking to get the most out of their marketing budget, it includes full access to HubSpot's CRM, contact management software, and live chat capabilities - all for a cost-effective price. With the benefits of contact lists, content creation, analytics tracking, and much more, small businesses need everything to scale into even larger businesses with HubSpot starter packages. In addition, HubSpot starter package pricing is subject to fluctuation based on business size, giving marketers the flexibility to adjust their plans as needed.

The HubSpot Professional Package Pricing

The Professional Package in HubSpot will give a business everything it needs starting at €1,474/month (billed annually). You can add up to five salespeople and five customer service representatives. After that, for every additional sales hub user and service hub user, you add another €90. Regarding your email marketing list, you can manage up to 2,000 contacts, and for every 5,000 extra marketing contacts, you add €230 to your monthly cost.

The HubSpot Professional package is one of the most popular solutions offered by HubSpot and provides businesses with access to valuable resources to help drive their marketing efforts. This package includes a variety of features such as custom content creation, customer relationship management (CRM) integration, automated workflow communication, and segmentation capabilities, analytics reporting for both online and offline sources, customer service portal, social media monitoring and synthesizing, A/B split testing, numerous reports, and more.

That said, you notice that the professional package offers a lot. However, it's often too much for many medium-sized businesses, and you'd be paying a high cost. You need to make out for your own business if it's worth it to you. We'd recommend using three sections of the five to their full extent to get the most out of it. For example, Sales Hub, CRM, and Marketing Hub.

Calculating the Cost of the HubSpot Enterprise Package

The Enterprise Package pricing in HubSpot has a monthly cost and set-up cost. The setup cost tends to be quite high however you will receive full customer service, ensuring everything works properly and your business is ready to rock. This package's pricing starts at €1,474/month for just the platform subscription.

The Enterprise Package is used by businesses that want to integrate all their departments and their marketing, sales & post-sales efforts into one platform. If this is not the case, or you don't have a sales and marketing team of a particular size, this package will not be the best choice for your company.

HubSpot Enterprise is the perfect solution for businesses looking for more robust marketing, sales, and customer service software capabilities. This package includes everything from innovative tools to advanced data-driven insights. With HubSpot enterprise, businesses can access customizable workflows, automated A/B testing, and dedicated account management. Plus, they can leverage AI-driven analytics to get better information on buying behavior and optimize their revenue streams.


Although HubSpot offers a broad range of features and solutions, it comes down to what you need. Most companies start with HubSpot's free CRM or Starter package and reconsider their best tech stack once they grow.

It has to be said, as HubSpot goes broad in its features, they sometimes lack depth. For example, HubSpot sales hub offers sequences, but these are quite basic compared to other solutions in the market, for example, Leadcamp. If you would like to compare the two platforms we have another page that covers that.

Our best advice would be to stay curious and challenge your tech stack now and then. Most solutions integrate with HubSpot's CRM, and this could also mean you can keep costs low by building a well-integrated yet powerful tech stack without needing to upgrade to a more expensive package.

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