A Sellers' Guide to Sending Recurring Emails in Outlook 365.

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Every now and then, you are in a situation where you want to send the same e-mail to several people repeatedly. Of course, you can copy and paste the e-mail, but that is not sustainable in the long run. Most people don't know it, but Outlook has a built-in feature to help you. This article will explain how to send these recurring emails in Outlook and give more tips and tricks.

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How to send recurring emails in Microsoft Outlook
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First, add the people you want to send recurring emails to to your Contact List in Outlook. This is recommended to perform this action.

Once you have done this, enabling this functionality works like a charm, and we will show you all the steps required to send recurring emails via Microsoft Outlook 365. We'll also let you know a little secret about automating this for even more efficiency.

Steps to add a new recurring email

With the recurring email feature in Outlook, you can increase your productivity and easily schedule an email to be sent out on a specific date in the future.

  1. Creating a contact
  2. Select the "E-mail" tab and click "New e-mail."
  3. Select the options for your e-mail, including when to send it, how often, and how long to wait before resending it
  4. Select "Recurring" in the dropdown list of settings
  5. You can specify whether to send every day, week, or month
  6. Click OK and return to your inbox
  7. Add a recipient
  8. Click "Create Recurring Email"

There are many valuable features in Outlook regarding productivity and improving your workflow. One of them is sending emails on a specific date and achieving more than just sending one-off emails.

Sending a recurring email to subscribers is a great way to stay in touch with them and ensure you reach them all at once.

Often you spend a lot of time preparing for an event only to find out that people forget to join. The solution is to send recurring emails in Outlook for your calendar events! Our post will cover how to send event reminders next.

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How to send recurring email reminders for events?

Sending recurring emails in Outlook is one thing. You can use the same functionality to inform people about upcoming events you have planned with them.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Log into your Microsoft account
  2. Open your calendar in the top left corner
  3. Find an event that you want to send recurring emails for
  4. Click on "details"
  5. Select "Send by email" from the dropdown and choose "Send a message"
  6. Fill in the required fields.

While these steps to send recurring email reminders in Outlook seem simple at first glance, the most crucial step is configuring your settings for recurring emails is the most vital step.

Of great importance is making sure you don't bombard people with your emails, which increases the risk of ending up in spam. To solve this, you should consider your sending frequency.

A golden rule of thumb is: to send no more than one reminder daily and keep it to less than twice a week.

This post will also dive into how you can schedule an email to be sent out on a later day and time. Continue reading!

When should you use this feature?

There are several reasons why people might want to use this feature.

For example, this could be useful to keep yourself accountable for recurring tasks you want to be reminded of every few days or reports you need to send to your manager.

You could also need to send a recurring invoice to someone every month, and you want Outlook to take care of that automatically.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to sending recurring emails.

How can maximize your productivity?

If you wonder if there is a better way to do this, yes, there is. Using a third-party platform to set up recurring emails is the best approach to do this efficiently and effectively. You can use several solutions, but Leadcamp's sales engagement platform is probably the best.

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Wrapping up

Microsoft Outlook is the most widely used email tool in the world and is mainly used by business professionals who send emails and have advanced security needs.

However, sending many emails can also become challenging, especially if you spot yourself sending the same email repeatedly.

This is why this article explains how to use automatic emails in Microsoft Outlook to save business users a lot of time. You can also look at our article on having multiple email addresses in Gmail and Outlook.

There are two ways to send recurring emails in Outlook. The first one is to use the Mail Merge tool that first creates a template and can automatically add data to it.

The second way is to send a new email every time and send it through a recurring event on your Outlook calendar.

This is a handy feature when you have an event where you want to check in with guests regularly or send them updates as the event approaches (or after it has happened).

It is easy to enable this in Outlook; just create an automatic email to be sent every day at 10 o'clock or at at the end of the day, for example, for all your scheduled events or meetings, as mentioned above in this article.