Best Sales Engagement Tools to Track All Your Sales Activities

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Are you struggling to find the right tools to empower your sales team and grow your business? A modern set of sales engagement tools can be a game-changer in today's competitive sales environment. You can quickly uncover opportunities and generate revenue with the right strategies and software. We'll explore some of the best sales engagement tools available to help make sure every interaction with potential customers is as impactful and data-driven as possible!

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Best Sales Engagement Tools to Track All Your Sales Activities
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What Are Sales Engagement, AKA Sales Tracking Tools?

Sales engagement is how sales teams interact with customers, prospects, and partners. It's a digital technology-enabled capability that enables sales to understand customer needs better, drive sales process efficiency and increase sales effectiveness. Sales leaders want their teams to use engagement platforms that host customer data, manage communication channels, provide sales insights, and enable them to quickly put together competitive proposals.

At its core, sales engagement allows sales organizations to get the most out of their investments in sales by helping them track prospects and their engagement more accurately, respond faster to inquiries, and spend less (or no) time entering data into spreadsheets. With sales engagement, it's easier for sales teams to identify opportunities and understand current buyer needs. It's also easier for teams to optimize their activities based on this intelligence.

Is There a Difference Between a Sales Execution Platform and Sales Engagement?

Sales Execution platforms and sales engagement are two different things; however, they can often be found together as sales teams from around the world use them to gain an edge over the competition.

A sales execution platform focuses on sales automation, streamlining processes, and improving data accuracy within sales operations departments.

In contrast, sales engagement solutions focus largely on communication and enable sales reps to have more meaningful conversations with customers by providing better visibility into customer behavior. They also help sales teams foster relationships more effectively, especially when it comes to cross-selling products or services. With these two distinct ends in mind, sales executives can maximize their success and create a tactical plan that will align with their target buyer's needs.

As said, most platforms integrate functions and strategies so that you have everything under one roof, and there's no need to click and send data around.

What Do Sales Engagement Platforms Do?

What don't they do? Companies use them for many things, including:

Sales engagement platforms cover many areas. But most importantly, they enable companies to effectively communicate with prospects and customers from one user-friendly platform and automate what can be automated to create more active selling time.

What Are the Best Sales Engagement Platforms?


Leadcamp is the most simple and complete sales engagement platform out there. It has a very easy user interface and captures engagement signals from prospects across various channels. Your sales staff will have the unfair benefit of being able to identify the prospects that need the most attention based on real-time buying intent insights.

With so much data for your prospects to interact with, it is incredibly difficult for salespeople to gather useful information. Leadcamp equips all types of sellers and handles the labor-intensive tasks so they may concentrate on what matters most: selling.

Leadcamp also has all the important features you need as a sales execution platform. You'll be able to follow your pipeline rigorously, send out emails automatically, manage the content you share with prospects, and see your team's performance all in a single pane of glass.

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HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub is the engagement suite of HubSpot that helps sales teams close more deals. The platform includes email tracking, meeting scheduling, and automated prospecting. HubSpot Sales integrates with the rest of the HubSpot marketing platform, making it easy to track the performance of your sales campaigns.

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Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud is the sales engagement platform of Salesforce that helps sales teams manage their pipeline and close more deals. The platform includes lead management, opportunity tracking, and forecasting features. Salesforce Sales Cloud integrates with the rest of the Salesforce CRM platform and Salesforce Einstein, making it easy to track the performance of your sales campaigns and leverage more AI insights.

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Salesloft is built specifically for turnover teams within larger companies. The platform houses all communication channels in one and offers one-click calling or texting from any device. The platform brings together automated tasks, communications, playbooks, and more. Sales managers can create a customized pipeline and playbooks, which can then be distributed to salespeople. Salesloft also offers sales forecasting and performance statistics.

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Apollo aims primarily to reach companies looking to increase deals through data-gathering and analysis. The platform offers users a prospect searcher tool to filter through potential contacts and enroll them in an email sequence to book meetings faster and instantly see which messaging resonates.

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Zoho Sales IQ

Zoho SalesIQ is an offshoot of Zoho CRM, one of the larger CRM database platforms. The platform gathers data on customers and leads, intending to pinpoint the right time for a rep to reach out. It offers, amongst other things, a live chat feature users can communicate with customers in real-time. Users can also create and customize a chatbot to engage customers in small talk and answer basic questions on their timetable.

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How Do You Choose the Right Sales Engagement Platform?

When choosing the right sales engagement platform for your business, there are a few things to consider. There are a few questions you can ask yourself to make sure you choose the right provider for your business.

  1. Are you using a CRM platform, and if so, does it have built-in sales engagement features?
  2. Can you find a sales engagement platform that integrates with your existing platforms?
  3. Which channels do you reach prospects, and which sales engagement platform can handle these channels?
  4. Looking at your entire flow from inbound to outbound is important to increase effectiveness. How are your processes structured?
  5. How big is your business? Some platforms are specifically built for small or large team sizes, while others are flexible and grow with you.

Moving to a new platform is an investment that can seem daunting. Fortunately, many platforms offer tools and training to quickly familiarize your team with the software.

One way to put your mind at ease is to look for platforms offering a free trial. That way, you and your team can take a test drive to ensure it's the right choice before signing a contract.

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Don't Mix Sales Engagement Platforms With Sales Enablement Solutions

It is easy to confuse the two, we know. The only thing they have in common is that they sound somewhat familiar. It must be said some functions fulfill the same purpose but solve a different end goal - which tends to get confusing.

The main difference between the two platforms is that sales enablement focuses on ensuring agents have all the information they and their customers need at the time it is needed. On the other hand, engagement focuses more on ensuring that reps can communicate that information in a way most likely to appeal to the customer.


Sales engagement platforms are a great way for sales teams to interact with customers and prospects in a structured, scaled, and insightful way. Unfortunately, as most CRMs aren't capable of running this type of sales intelligence, you'll need to add another platform to your stack. Most platforms have easy integrations, so that shouldn't bring any problems to the table. Sales engagement platforms are well worth the effort as you will quickly see an increase in sales and save time on low-value activities.