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Dive into proven templates and tools to optimize your sales process, from email templates and cadence examples to deep dives.

Cadence Examples That Book Meetings

Are you running a large number of cadences while still struggling to get meetings on the calendar? This is for you!

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Leveraging Intent Data in Your Sales Process

No more emails with: "have you been able to view the previous pdf?”. After this, you'll be able to personalize, minus the effort.

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Prioritizing Prospects in Outreach

Top performers use this prioritization matrix to close more deals. Build one yourself and win more often with a simple hack.

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The Top 15 Call-to-Actions for Emails

Having trouble crafting that perfect email outro? Don't go with "time for a meet?" - here's a cheat sheet to get more quality replies.

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Effective Sales Emails at Scale (part 1)

Creating relevance is much more important than personalization. Here's how to do this effectively using the RRR framework.

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50+ Sales Definitions Explained

Ever come across a sales term you didn't know existed? We've listed the most common and important ones in this handy overview!

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Best Regards or Kind Regards - What is it and How to Use in Your Sales Emails

Some choose Best Regards; others opt for Kind Regards. What is the difference between the two and what should you choose when?

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How Can Sellers Use Intent Data in Their B2B Sales Process?

Using intent data allows sellers to prioritise companies and prospects based on their interactions and activities. How can sellers leverage this data source effectively?

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A Sellers' Guide to Sending Recurring Emails in Outlook 365.

Every now and then, you are in a situation where you want to repeatedly send the same email to several people. Of course, you can copy and paste the e-mail, but that is not sustainable in the long run.

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Funny sales quotes and how to set your team up for success.

Great sales quotes and more tips to motivate your sales team. Know the source of motivation and the KPIs to focus on for real success.

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A crucial shift towards first-party sales intent data.

Learn about intent data and know exactly your next steps to improve your sales and marketing efforts.

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Diving into the two types of sales intent data.

Know exactly the two types of intent data and which will help your company sell more. Choose your sales platform wisely.

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What is social Selling? The Inbound Way!

Social selling is the latest buzzword, but what does it mean? And, more importantly, how can it be used to close more deals?

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Here Are Five Steps to Create a Conversion Path.

A conversion path is a journey a customer takes from first becoming aware of your product or service to eventually making a purchase. Here are the steps you need to create a conversion path, from start to finish.

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What Do Google Search Campaigns Do and What Is the Value Proposition?

Google search campaigns use the power of Google's search algorithms to match your ads with relevant searches. This article will explain you how to leverage them effectively.

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The Ultimate Guide to Sending Cold Emails Campaigns at Scale.

Cold emailing can be a great way to reach out to potential customers. In this article, we'll give you the best tips on how to write a cold email that actually gets results.

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What is a no-reply email for, and how to make one?

Copy your no-reply templates here. Make your own no-reply email and follow our best practices.

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B2B Selling on TikTok

Find out what to do to higher your visibility on Tiktok, best practices and tips.

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10 Alternatives to hope you are doing well

Start your email by showing that you care about the person and their situation. Here are the best examples.

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What are the best sellers doing to gain more sales?

Find out what the best sellers out there are doing right now to gain more sales.

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Six alternatives to 'Does that Make Sense'

When selling, you want to be confident and clear. Six alternatives to “does this make sense” in English and Spanish.

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The 10 Best Sales Videos You NEED to See

Give your team a good laugh during your next meeting, here are 10 funny sales videos.

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Sales Titles Hierarchy and Estimated Salaries

We will give you all there is to know about sales jobs. Salaries and different job titles are available in sales.

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Top 10 "Take Care" Alternatives for Email

Finish your email strong and empathic, the most relevant alternatives for 'take care'.

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How to Calculate the Sales Projections for Future Sales.

A sales projection estimates future sales based on past performance and current trends. See what goes into calculating your sales forecast.

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End of Day (EOD) vs. Close of Business (COB)

'EOD' stands for 'end of the day,' while 'COB' stands for 'close of business.' See multiple examples and more synonyms, along with best business practices.

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Multiple Email Addresses - Why You Need Them and How to Set It Up

Set up multiple email accounts and find out how you can stay organized in your inbox. Instructions for Gmail and Outlook.

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Must-know sales definitions