Leadcamp vs. Outreach

We want to make a true comparison against Outreach so you get the best fit for your needs.

And yes, we'll also say what Leadcamp does NOT have!

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A Quick Summary

Outreach and Leadcamp are often compared, and although Leadcamp has integration with Outreach, there are different use cases for deciding which is best in which situation. For example, Outreach is geared more toward enterprise-size teams in high-speed markets. Leadcamp, on the other hand, may be appropriate for teams of any size and industry.

Both platforms have great features aimed at improving sales productivity and leveraging insights from machine learning. However, Outreach does not go beyond capturing third-party intent data from integrations, as the platform itself is limited to emails and voice. Whereas Leadcamp, captures all channels including web traffic and content engagement and it adds additional value for sales reps and managers with the prospect pipeline and personalized email sequences based on first-party data on a prospect level.

What can you not do in Outreach?

Outreach is one of the leaders in the industry, but Leadcamp has a lot to offer compared to Outreach. Because Leadcamp captures more engagement signals, it is often referred to as a more differentiated product. What is Outreach missing?

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Identifying prospects
Through the website tracker and content sharing capabilities, Leadcamp can quickly identify and add new prospects to the platform on which automation can be used to speed up prospecting.
Identifying accounts
Coming soon
Identification of companies visiting your website that are not yet in your prospect list.
Prospect pipeline
The Prospect pipeline gives you a true overview of which stage each prospect is at during qualification. This kanban view is fully automated and helps sellers stay on top of their prospecting activities.
Opportunity pipeline
Just as Outreach offers opportunity stages, Leadcamp goes a step further and maps them onto a kanban screen that can also include all sorts of automations to take away busywork.
Heat Score
The Heat Score is a probability score that this prospect might become a customer in the next 90 days. It's calculated by analyzing their actions on email, website, forms, and content.

Outreach has an inbox add-on to monitor emails that also works with third-party data so this is considered account-level intent.
Intent-based sequencing
Intent-based means that you can have the email journey adapt itself based on your prospect's behavior..
LinkedIn Automation
Leadcamp can fully automatically follow, connect, and send messages on your behalf on LinkedIn.
Content sharing & embedding
Leadcamp comes with a built-in content library to capture engagement on PDF documents and videos.

The ideal Leadcamp customer.

You do (or plan to do) personalized multi-channel outreach.

You leverage content but aren't capturing key engagement.

You aim to have your reps double down on prospecting.

You know that there's more than just email opens and clicks.

You prefer having an all-in-one platform.

No other tool does what Leadcamp does. This is sick. This whole prospect management part and leveraging intent insights within our sales journey has changed the game for our sales team. They hit the nail on the head."

Close more pipeline while subtracting costs.

Billed annually
Excluding setup fees
Billed annually
No setup fees

What is Leadcamp still developing?

Leadcamp mainly focuses on giving you first-party intent data that feeds you direct insights into your prospecting pipeline and the ability to be always talking to the right prospects. An advantage you will not find in any other platform.
So what do we not (yet) have?

  Outreach logo Leadcamp logo
Third-party-intent data
A/B testing emails
Project management


Okay, we are biased, but not ignorant. Outreach will be the better option for some, but we tried to show when Leadcamp would be a better fit. Don't get us wrong; both platforms have great treats for sales teams.

While Outreach is more focused on enterprise-level sales reporting and insights, with just a spark of third-party intent mixed in, Leadcamp adds value for any seller and their managers by leveraging first-party intent data in everything it does. This makes it a platform that built for more than just blasting out emails. Leadcamp is built for making teams more efficient at personalization at scale and having them talking to the right prospect every time. With Leadcamp, you'll get used to hearing "excellent timing."

We make it easy to switch to Leadcamp.

Beyond setting up your flow, our team will guide you every step of the way and help you drive the highest ROI from Leadcamp.

When it comes to generating revenue, Leadcamp is #1.

And we'd love to show you even more about why.

This is a subjective review with information learned from Leadcamp users' use of both platforms and relevant statements we have heard. All Outreach logos and trademarks used and displayed are the property of Outreach Inc.