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You don't need to create a fancy CV or cover letter to get an internship with us. In fact, we won't even look at it. Just show us who you are and what you ambitions are - we'll show you the rest.

Intern testimonial - Lynn

What we offer

Whatever you're studying, we have all kinds of programs to suit you - summer internships, thesis programs and co-ops, take your pick.

6 weeks, over summer

Signature Bootcamp

During the Signature Bootcamp, you become part of the family and immerse yourself in our business, culture and brand. To maximize your learning experience, you'll work on topics defined by yourself ranging from tech, to marketing or sales.

Applications open soon
11 weeks, both semesters

Semester Internship

This is our main program offering you a range of opportunities across our business and technical teams, and the chance to make a direct impact on how sales people close deals. You can join us in our HQ office in Ghent or enjoy a fully remote internship.

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20 weeks, spring semester

Master Thesis Program

This is the moment to deep dive into one of our fascinating thesis fields, from Product Development and Engineering to Finance, Marketing and beyond. You'll be doing extensive research and gain in-depth knowledge of our business.

Applications open soon

What our interns say

"The bootcamp was a great learning experience because I had the opportunity to develop according to my own needs and pace. Thanks to the great guidance and support, I was able to work on projects that I am incredibly proud of."

Intern testimonial - Nele

Nele De Ras
Bootcamp '21

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Fresh opportunities

More info? No problem.

What is the internship recruitement timeline?

Each fall semester, we open up our internship applications for the next year around September & October. Our application process goes on a rolling basis meaning we evaluate candidates every week.

Who is eligible for the internships at Leadcamp?

Current students pursuing Bachelor's, Master's & PhD degrees and are eligible to work in Belgium. We also accept new graduates for our summer internships (bootcamp).

Do you sponsor visas for internships?

We do not sponsor visas at this time. The student is responsible to have an accurate visa in order to work with us.

Are Leadcamp internships paid?

Unfortunately, we do not offer paid internships at this time.