Talk to your prospects like a boss

Sales can be hard, messy, challenging and still give you a thrill. That's why we made Leadcamp, to close more deals, effortlessly.

Touchpoint Intelligence helps reps understand the mountain of prospect interaction data as just one simple score.

How are your leads engaging?

On average, one sales rep loses 52 days on prospects research, identifying interest and aligning data. Leadcamp transforms all interaction data into one robust lead profile and gives reps one actionable score to work with.

How does this work?


Add to your outreach

It takes less than 2 minutes to set up your Leadcamp account and start adding your first leads. Whether you reach out 1-on-1 or through automation.


Gather intelligence

Every interaction, from emails, content, website and third parties is monitored and scored by our behavioral AI, so you don't have to.


Close more

With our comprehensive scoring, you know exactly which leads are worth pursuing. This saves you loads of time and closes more deals.

"The impact of Leadcamp on my day-to-day sales activities is super powerful." Neil explains. "[With Leadcamp] I can target and prioritize better, and know how and when to engage with leads." Neil Bhuiyan
SDR Coach, HappySelling
Customer Quote

The [ fast electric car ] of sales tools

Just keep doing what you’re doing

Leadcamp doesn't require you to make any changes to your current workflow. On the contrary, we'll make it better.

  • Tap into intelligence right where you work
  • Add interaction sources from any tool
  • Build custom integrations to match your flow


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