Speed up Deal Execution.

Intent-Driven Sales Engagement

Leadcamp's platform gives sellers the unfair advantage of capturing buying intent and using it to automate their prospecting activities at scale.

Trusted by hundreds of sellers at companies including:
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Engage With Prospects, Capture Buying Intent, and Close the Deal

Engage With Prospects

Build the perfect inbound or outbound flows through email sequences, content sharing, and LinkedIn automation.

With Leadcamp, you can..

Share and embed sales content

Build multi-channel email sequences

Automate the full prospecting journey

Adapt sequences based on intent

interaction criteria reached Sequence follows interacted path from now.
risk Sequence is performing below 30-day average.
Key Account Sequence
523 prospects currently enrolled
open rate
reply rate
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Measure Buying Intent

Data is king these days. Without it, you could talk about feature A while they want B. Leadcamp crunches all the data for you and gives you more focus.

With Leadcamp, you can..

Get a likelihood to buy Heat Score

Capture all channels precicely

Log all activities automatically

Run fully automated sales funnels

Heat Score

Intent is above average at this stage.

email engagement
content engagement
website engagement

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Close the Deal

Now you can use everything you know to get that signature. With these insights, Leadcamp will help you make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

With Leadcamp, you can..

Get instant next-best-actions

Reminders for prospects at-risk

Management insights to coach teams

Detailed view on what works and what doesn't

follow up Dan McTings, sent you an email over 1 week ago.
task Eva Madisson, increasing intent signals. To verify.
meeting follow up You had a meeting with Tiffany Jones, recap needed.

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Ok, What's Buying Intent?

Let's face it ‐‐ the market is changing, and the buyer decides how and when they buy from you.

That's where buying intent comes in.

Intent signals show all of your prospects' direct interactions and tell you who is currently most interested. This helps you focus your activities.

Animated Leadcamp pipeline image
high intent signals Prospect spent considerable time on pricing page.
meeting follow up You had a meeting with Dan McTings, recap recommended.

Intent-Based Sales Engagement Is the Key to Success

It's the difference between contacting 295 prospects that aren't interested, and the 5 that are!

Without intent

  Carpet-bombing prospects
  Low success rates
  Lost focus on non-selling tasks
  Sales & Marketing misalignment

With intent

  Focus on ready-to-buy prospects
  Streamlined sales process
  No more guesswork
  All teams aligned
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Higher conversion rate


Increased quota attainment


Increased sales within 12 months

Everything you need for modern selling

Value from day one

Leadcamp can be deployed within minutes, enabling your to start focusing your sales efforts within the first day.

Start at your own pace

Our productivity-first approach allows you to mature your sales process with Leadcamp at your own pace.

No more clicking around

Leadcamp's all-in-one platform helps you stay focused and groups all prospect, opportunity and engagement data.

What our customers have to say.

Avatar Neil B

Neil B.
London - Professional training & coaching - 1-10 employees

"If you want to be able to track and have insights as well prompt on which hot prospects to follow up on; Leadcamp fits the bill perfectly."


Al G.
London - Information Technology - 201-500 employees

"Leadcamp is ridiculously easy to deploy (it took about 20 mins!) and just as easy to use. Love the dashboard where our teams can track their prospects easily."