Even top performers don't feel when a deal will close.

Leverage predictive machine learning algorithms to tell you the probability that open opps will close. We'll analyse everything so you don't have to.

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Putting the fun back into sales

Leadcamp's Lead Engagement Platform captures all sales interaction data - from emails and meetings to website and content distribution - then uses AI to understand and score the engagement. The result? Crushing your quotas, quarter after quarter.

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"The impact of Leadcamp on my day-to-day sales activities is super powerful." Neil explains. "[With Leadcamp] I can target and prioritize better, and know how and when to engage with leads."

Neil Bhuiyan

SDR Coach, HappySelling

The ultimate sales pipeline

Just a few of the things that Leadcamp can do...

The most complete view

There's click tracking and there's Touchpoint Intelligence. In the latter, AI does the work for you, including every single click, page view or meeting you had.

Accurate data and insights

Our accuracy is something we often get credit for. We are in full control of most engagements channels and level out any room for inconsistencies.

Instant, prescriptive guidance

Handling hundreds of leads at once is a tough job. You'll never miss critical engagement changes because we ping you when and how to interact.

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