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Top sales teams use Leadcamp to tell them which pipeline deals to focus on. Add our easy-to-use email extension to your inbox and we'll bring the AI.

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What Leadcamp can do for you

The Lead Engagement Platform that crushes quota

The sales game has changed, drastically

Leadcamp is the platform to help you close deals faster in today's world. It captures your lead's interactions automatically and then uses AI to understand and score the engagement. The result? We'll tell you where to focus and how you can crush your quotas, quarter after quarter.

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"Leadcamp gathers lead interactions and identifies the most engaged leads. Our sales team no longer needs to deep dive into analytics, prioritize based on gut feeling or second guess if the deal will close. Leadcamp does it all!"

Jeroen Poels

CEO, Deltaworx

Easily see which deals to close

We take care of the heavy lifting so you can focus

A single pane of glass

Leads interact on a lot of different ways. It's often very hard to put your finger on what this really means. Not anymore, everything is combined into one place.

Accurate data and insights

Our accuracy is something we often get credit for. We are in full control of most engagements channels and level out any room for inconsistencies.

Instant, prescriptive guidance

Handling hundreds of leads at once is a tough job. You'll never miss critical engagement changes because we ping you when and how to interact.

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